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Fulton County Genealogical Resources

Bleecker School District No. 2 (1870's) (overly 300 entries from Bleecker School District No. 2) This collection was discovered by Mike Gendron, (Ward #3 Supervisor,City of Gloversville). The entries contain information regarding teachers, students, parents and taxpayers from the 1870's.
Northville Scrapbook Collection (nearly 15000 entries from Northville and surrounding area This collection was developed by Gail Cramer, historian for the Town of Northampton. Each entry contains a description of where information on various people can be found in which scrapbooks from the town collection, donated by numerous residents over the years.
Prominent Families of Gloversville, NY (1859) (1200 citizens from 225 families) The Gloversville, NY database comes from a local book by Horace Sprague, printed in 1859. The book, titled "Gloversville: The Model Village," includes a poem and an appendix with the genealogy of over 200 families.
Gloversville Merchant Credit Report (1910-1915) (more than 400 citizens from Gloversville) This unidentified Merchant Credit Book, purchased on EBay, discusses the credit rating of Gloversville residents during the years 1910-1915. The original owner of the book is unknown. Each entry contains a description of over due accounts, generally written in unflattering terms, and may also contain address, occupation and employer.
Welcome Home Celebration (1919) of the Second Draft District (1300 citizens from Fulton County) The Second Draft District Welcome Home Celebration database comes from a local souvenir pamphlet, printed for the July 25-26, 1919 celebration. The pamphlet, priced 25 cents, includes listings of those who were honored and those who helped coordinate the celebration.

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