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Hope and Change - Trump Style (By: Frank Yunker) January 19, 2017

The stock market, represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, serves multiple purposes. Like the definition of money, the Dow Jones represents both a store of value (where you put your wealth) and a measure of value (how ...

Local News
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Sorry, folks, but you don't get to spend 18 months gloating about Trump's arena-sized crowds then insist his base is too busy to go to DC."","truncated
Something seems odd about this panel CNN put together to discuss The Women's March, but I can't put my finger on it.
Two Sailors celebrating the end of World War II
** A big thank you to the organizers and the men and women of the NYPD for keeping 400,000 New Yorkers safe during tod... **
You don't have to like Trump to realize these Resistance marches are a sort of second-rate substitute religion for the white gentry left.,"en
Madonna during her WomensMarch speech: "Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House"
Breaking News: Starting line for WomensMarch to be held in Saudi Arabia Found!
After the Trump inauguration, some neighbors left this letter on my uncle's door in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Did I mention that the new is GORGEOUS? From Monday night: a piece of "Simon" from the new tiny album....
The first person to deal with Trump head-on, and to do it so scrupulously,”
The awkward moment when the new President of the United States plagiarises Bane nnInauguration
Here's a nice way to escape today:
On a non-inauguration note, booze at the movies plan DOES include spirits, contrary to his comments.
January '17 in Buffalo, so far: Deadlier than any January in at least a decade
MORE: Activists smash window of Bank of America branch in anti-Trump Washington march - witness.
Trump made a huge mistake: he let Chuck Schumer get between him & a camera.s":,"ur
Former President Obama departs Inauguration
I talked to Hoosick Falls folks to learn what it's like to live with contaminated water. Uncertainty is the worst.
I can't even snark. This is why we not only need environmental regulations but enough funding to enforce them.


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