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The Daiquiris: A 1960s Amsterdam rock band (By: Bob Cudmore) April 14, 2018

The Daiquiris: A 1960s Amsterdam rock band By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, for 04-14-18 Salvatore J. Perillo has retired as general counsel to Mohawk Industries in Georgia, a floor covering firm descended from one of ...

Understanding China and the Special Regions (By: Frank Yunker) April 19, 2018

Do you understand the difference between China and Special Administrative regions like Hong Kong and Macau or the Republic of China known as Taiwan? Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997. Macau was a Portuguese colony. ...

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** You can read about all things ComeyMemos at **
** He was chosen for the honorary degree - AlbanyLaw to honor Alexander Hamilton **
** Asked at a press conference on Thursday whether he was out to punish” the WFP, Cuomo replied in this totally relat... **
** Adopted SCSchools budget includes funds for safety measures: **
** trippy1948: .NYGovCuomo nn1st Class Jackass! **
Good interview by jaketapper -- comey actually just said he does not know if his memos that were leaked had class...
.NYGovCuomo nn1st Class Jackass!
I wrote about this report:
the report notes that only 4 counties across the state have adopted centralized arraignment plans (which are diffic...
Father of Schenectady killer sentenced in drug case
Today, NYGovCuomo said that he and NancyPelosi think I'm not the best choice to challenge my opponent. Clearly I'...
Democratic challenger to RepChrisCollins offers some choice words for Democrat NYGovCuomo following the governor'...
As usual white guys didn't make the cut?
Actually you're a rich white dude with a famous dad for a politician and a brother with a morning show on CNN
Two questions: nnWhat is the reputational risk to NYS when regulatory agencies are exploited for transparently poli...
Two very good questions, in fact.
.NYGovCuomo claims he's 'undocumented,' challenges officials to deport him
Man gives jumping the ud83eudd88 a whole new meaning
.AGSchneiderman continues to be a national embarrassment stomping on the rule of law, desperate for national headl...
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